What is Wordpress?

WordPress has been the consistent content management system of choice for many years. The Community is more than generous about creating WordPress as a growing place. It is a favourable CMS systems for its ease of use, scalabilityand regular updates. If you come across a problem with your website, the WordPress manual provides you the tools to quickly fix it and that’s what a fast-paced market requires.

In 2023 we are expecting to see a greater demand from our WordPress development company in Nairobi, because of the new trends that would introduce new heights of advanced and simplified content management.

Improved Customization Across Multi-purpose Themes

WordPress themes have influenced and styled the look of your site since the birth of the platform. However, multifunctional themes are customizable and have integrated plug-ins as its growing popularity makes it the top trend in WordPress for 2023.

In addition, there are many different and versatile open-source multifu-purpose themes, each with its unique templates and features. Whether a client needs a fully usable business website, an online store, a business portfolio site or a simple blogging presence, multifunctional themes are optimized for tasks that are available and ready to use.

Automatic Updates for WordPress

Automatic updates to themes and plugins were introduced by WordPress two years ago.

For improved functionality, many of our clients have resorted to third-party plugins and custom code.

Automatic updates are more convenient and useful for WordPress users. That’s why automatic updates are supported by all of our fully managed WordPress and WooCommerce projects. To avoid update issues, we provide a visual comparison tool that automatically creates a copy, updates your plugins and gives you the ability to see what has been affected.

Simplified Page Edits

We see a lot of full-page editing (FSE) topics and site builders that are now integrated into the core of WordPress. The market has adapted to the blockchain editor but has more customization as the WordPress authoring environment continues to support the older classic editor, block editor, and page builders on classic PHP-based themes.

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Learning Curve for WordPress Beginners

The main trend you’ll see in WordPress in 2023 is to edit an entire block on the web. In WordPress for Beginners. However, the challenge is to get the best page speed when using these full-page block editors, as they can potentially slow down your website.

As the WordPress core works to fully customize pages and block topics, a gap in learning has decresed. Our Web Developers and Designers in Kenya understand how to work with these new technologies. There will be a greater increase in new websites created with Gutenberg and the use of add-ons that make it even more useful.

Open Source on Proprietary Solutions

As an web design agency that works on a daily basis with WordPress, we are always at the forefront of what is happening.

While website developers like Magento and Shopify work for a variety of uses, WordPress will continue to be one of the most popular and widely used CMS platforms. WordPress web design environment will outperform other closed source platforms.

Closed source platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify are growing and definitely provide users with an easy way to create a websites. However, Wordpress will continue to dominate the market.

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