Specialist Digital Branding services

that build trust




We’ve worked with brands from a wide range of industries to showcase their difference through strategic creative design that positions them as targeted.



Equipped with insights from our discovery meeting sessions, our digital branding experts will set out the strategic view of your brand identity online, from positioning to complete visual identity.



We’ll immerse ourselves into your business, undertaking a number of workshops and audits to pinpoint your unique proposition and online identity.



Guided by your mission, vision and values; our digital branding services in Kenya will bring your brand to life with artistic flair and attention to detail, to create a brand that is attractive and memorable.

What makes us so good at it…


Brand Proposition

Through a number of strategy and messaging workshops, we’ll help your business clarify, simplify and amplify a single value proposition. This will serve as the starting point for any and all creative digital branding work that follows and compliments our web development services in Kenya.

Visual & Digital Identity

Drawing on the insights of our discovery workshops, our designers will conceptualise several ways for a visual identity that symbolises what you stand for and sets you apart from the competition.


Tone of Voice

A unique tone of voice helps brands build needed trust and become memorable in the minds of their target audience. We’ll collaborate with your key marketing people to devise a direction that resonates with your customers and inspires them to react.

What else?

As your dedicated digital branding agency in Kenya, we go a step further than just make you look nice. We design with reasoning and concept in mind, to present the creative design to you with clarity, so you can make an informed decision on the route that’s best for your business.


An all-purpose digital branding book

Our Digital branding company will set out distinct guidelines for your business. Detailing clearly how communication and visual elements to be used, empowering your marketing team to promote the brand through tone of voice and visual identity.

Once a creative route has been generated, we’ll deliver your Brand Guidelines document, holding all of the deliverables you need to stand out on your website, email marketing, social channels and anywhere your brand may appear online.

This will be your brand book moving forwards, when partnering with Afrecce Digital Agency in Kenya.